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The Power of Scuba Diving

For some reason divers from all over the world share the same kind of feelings when talking about diving. At Submaldives we wanted to make a little experiment and we created a short and unique testimonial matching some of the feelings that divers and friends have shared with us during our career as profesional divers. It is not a universal and standardized feeling but we believe that many divers will see their feelings reflected in this story. Therefore, these few words are dedicated for all of you.

Diving with a Manta Ray

“It is complete freedom. I feel so peaceful and free. I want to stay in the water forever. I am captivated by the world beneath the surface. When I stretch out underwater and just hang, in balance, I feel happy. I feel grateful when I look at my dive buddies, stable and quiet. They look so elegant, and I hope I look that way to them. If you need help, scuba people are the best people in the world. For some reason, there is a strong relationship in this amazing sport. I can feel a fellowship with my dive buddies, probably because of the lack of any type of competition. Scuba diving opens up a whole new world, new friends and a lot of fun.

The Power of Scuba Diving

From childhood, my mother used to call me a fish. If there was water, I was always in it. As an adult, I still feel the lure of the water. Sometimes, when I feel trapped between where I am and where I want to be, I find myself only wanting to be underwater. Feeling the movement of the currents, feeling my breathing and exploring the depth of the ocean.

Underwater I realize how minuscule we are and how incredible it is to be alive. Once out of water, I feel like my soul has been refreshed. Underwater is not silence, but it is blissful. Diving is the best way to fight against the stress of my life. When I dive I feel the most incredible sense of peace. Underwater is just the only place where I can stop thinking. It is an incredibly powerful emotion. I feel a freedom in the water I cannot feel on any other place. My vision changes from a 2D (dimensional world) to a 3D (dimensional world). From forward, backward, left and right it goes up, down, forward, backward, left and right. It has a sense of magic. The smallest movement of my body has a dramatic effect.

Underwater I can feel independent with the rest of the world. I can feel myself. I compare the feeling of being diving underwater to being in the paradise. I just feel it is the place I am supposed to be. I have no mental pressure, no worries.

I feel free.”

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