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Reasons to choose a diving safari in Maldives

We have said it several times. Jumping on a live aboard diving safari is one of the most incredible experiences for a diving addict. In fact, most divers argue that diving safaris are the best way to enjoy this particular and amazing sport. I even dare to say, to enjoy this intensive style of life. Without any doubt, one of the top destinations for divers from all over the planet is this tiny ring shaped by thousands of atolls located in the middle of the Indic Ocean. Beneath the surface of Maldives are some of the best dive sites in the planet.

Therefore, when it comes to deciding which are the best places to go scuba diving, choosing Maldives is the easiest part. However, when you have to decide the best way to enjoy the variety of the marine live of these tropical islands, you can be a little confused. Should I choose between land-based or liveaboard diving?

From our humble point of view, Submaldives advocates for diving safaris and here are the main reasons why we believe that diving safaris are the best option to choose.


Jim Morrison said once: “ A true friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself, and especially to feel. Or, not feel.” Now that you know it, try to consider “a diving liveaboard cruise” as one of your best friends for a certain time. In comparison with land-based, liveaboard diving offer a high level of freedom and ease. Go anywhere. Go anytime. The mission of a diving safari is to satisfy your desire of discovering as much as possible.


Maldives is blessed with some of the best dives sites, many of which are yet to be discovered. For this reason, you have more chances to explore in depth Maldives on a diving safari.

Moreover, on board a diving cruise you have more opportunities to bump into some of the most amazing and most wanted animals in the planet. We are talking about the Maldives Big Five. Whale sharks, manta rays, grey reefs sharks, moray eels and turtles.


Overall, diving safaris offer an irresistible sense of adventure.  As you may know, Submaldives offers several different routes. On the way through the atolls, the cruise stops off at local fishing villages, little islands, and other interesting spots. Diving safaris allow you to discover in depth all those atolls, meet local people, and learn about the Maldivian culture in a relaxed way. Furthermore, diving safaris offer a very friendly atmosphere whether you are a single diver, on your honeymoon or coming with your group of friends.

Finally, if you are not fully convinced, listen to the last thing we would like to say. Imagine being in the middle of the ocean, with the moon light reflected on the water, having an incredible dinner with the crew and some other divers that probably will be your friends forever. Today you have been blessed with an incredible dive. You have admired a majestic whale shark and tonight you have a sky full of starts as a roof…and best of all. It is just the first day…


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