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Maldives, Kingdom of the Manta Rays

Admittedly, Maldives is amazing. In the Kingdom of Wildness you can expect the unexpected. As many guides about Maldives may say, this little snorkeling paradise located in the vastness of the Indian Ocean is a dream come true. We know it. It sounds a little bit silly but it is actually kind of true. Maldives is special, idyllic, magic and clearly worldwide known for unforgettable scuba diving holidays, especially if you love one of the “Maldives Big Five”, such as the manta ray.

When it comes to admire the majestic presence of manta rays, Maldives is one of the best places in the world for manta ray diving. However, it is curious how things can change when you get the chance to live your own experience. Although thousands of scuba divers flight to Maldives to enjoy diving safaris with manta rays, these strange animals did not have the same reputation in the past. Did you know that the Maldives mantas earned the name devilfish? It was not until the 1970s, that the vision of these gentle creatures change.

Manta rays in Maldives
Manta ray diving in a diving safari at Submaldives.

Nowadays, despite the fact that manta rays are related to sharks, these incredible massive fishes (the wingspans of Maldives mantas can reach 12 feet) do not generate as much as fear and respect as they used to create. On the contrary, manta rays have a quite different reputation among humans after scuba divers have found mantas to be very friendly due to their curious and graceful movements.

Often called the gentle giants of the deep sea manta rays are symbols of freedom, as well as one of the biggest attractions for scuba divers visiting Maldives. It is kind of a personal feeling, but at Submaldives we like to visualize in our minds the hypnotic movements of these amazing creatures at the sound of the song composed by the famous Spanish composer Pablo Iglesias, titled “Me voy a morir de Amor” (I’m going to die of love). Turn on the music and try to imagine it by yourself! Meanwhile, we will wait for you to get ready for your diving safari experience! We will keep in touch! Enjoy the journey!

Music for Manta Ray Diving: “Me voy a morir de amor ” de Alberto Iglesias.

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