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Diving safari living aboard at Submaldives

Enrolling to a diving safari is without any doubt one of the best options to enjoy the variety of marine life in Maldives. At Submaldives, we even dare to say that it is the best option to choose if you want to get out the best of this amazing experience. There are many reasons to believe that diving safaris are the mandatory option and we want to share with you the reasons why at Submaldives we have become one of the best specialists in diving safaris in Maldives.

Although we may not yet know each other, the only thing we can completely assure is your passion for diving. Because of that, we truly understand and share this particular philosophy of live. For many people, getting on board a diving cruise in Maldives with estrangers can be awkward or even risky. However, for us (and we assume you are part of this team) is just the way we have to engage with the same kind of people, with those that are crazily, madly and deeply in love about diving in open waters.

It usually goes like this. Divers wake up in the morning approximately 30 minutes before the first dive briefing. After eating a light meal they get ready for the adventure of the day: an average of 3-4 dives in some of most incredible dive sites in the entire planet. When the bell rings, it is time to jump into the diving boat (called Dhoni). After a short ride (10 minutes approx.), in which divers checklist that everything is already for the dive, it is time to jump into the water.

Although we could try really hard to describe the feeling of diving in Maldives, we would not be able to succeed or being able to capture the real essence of this moment. We would rather you to live it.

After the first dive it is time to have breakfast. Please help yourself. You can choose from a variety of delicious products, such as eggs, fruits, cereals, different types of juices and much more, but make sure you eat enough food to have energy for the next dives! Despite the fact that diving safaris can be an extremely fun experience, they can also be a little bit exhausting. However, before the next dive, you will also have time to relax and to lay on the ship’s bow or even taking a quick swim in the little swimming pool inside the cruise.

Ring bells! Time to announce the second briefing of the day and submerge again in the tropical waters for another amazing dive in Maldives. After that, lunch will be ready, and if you are thinking that a little nap is the perfect next step, you are completely right. You will have time to sleep a little bit and regain strength.

Princess Lara Diving Cruise

In the afternoon you will be able to enjoy another dive and if you still have some power in your body then night diving is your last choice for the day. After a couple of hours of sharing the experiences with your colleagues, you will also be able to surf a little bit the Internet and get in touch with your family and friends.  Living aboard during some days makes you belong to a family clan. You will have one of the best experiences of your life, and probably most of the people you will meet, will be your friends forever. Enrolling to a diving safari with the Submaldives crew is probably and indescribable experience and we are looking forward to sharing it together. See you soon!

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