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Coral Reefs in Maldives

For most of us, when thinking of color palettes, such as Pantone, most of the times, it comes up to our minds an infinite combination of different colors. In a certain way, that is exactly the same thinking we share at Submaldives as professional scuba divers when thinking of coral reefs in Maldives. Instantly, it comes to our minds an explosion of infinite colors.  Welcome to Maldives dear friend! Welcome to the land of the coral reefs.

Maldives is probably one of the best dive sites in the whole planet for coral reef diving. Beyond their stunning colors, coral reefs are underwater structures grouped in tiny colonies of millions of small animals. Often called “rainforest of the ocean” coral reefs create some of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth, including Maldives. In fact, Maldives is completely made up of atolls and coral structures.

For instance, did you know that coral reefs occupy less than 0,1% of the world’s ocean surface, yet they provide a roof for 25% of all marine species? Once again, science and statistics join together to impress us with an amazing curiosity.  Furthermore, coral reefs in Maldives provide a save hideaway from the depredators to the smaller species of the marine life, such as fishes, worms, sponges or crustaceans.

Diving with coral reefs in Maldives
Coral reef diving in Maldives.

Unfortunately, coral reef habitats are also endangered. Many of them have been damaged in the recent years as a consequence of the creation of artificial islands. However, most diving in Maldives is drift dives from liveaboards cruises. At Submaldives, we are proud to offer diving safaris adventures in Maldives that are respectful with the environment of all these magic islands, causing no damage to the coral reef.

By being a scuba diver lover there are some kinds of dives you cannot miss. They have the mandatory tag. Hence, coral diving in Maldives is a must do activity if you want to deleted this incredible experience from your checklist of “Things I have to do before I die”. We will be waiting for you! Meanwhile you can take a look at some of the Submaldives corals photos on the Submaldives Facebook Page.

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