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A diving safari in Maldives can change your life

 “It is impossible to excel at something you don’t enjoy.”

As you know, at Submaldives, specialized in diving safaris guided by experts, we are a team of great people from different nationalities and different opinions. However, we all share the same philosophy of life.  A team formed by people who have found peace and fulfillment in Maldives, working in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world and feeling very lucky to feel passion for what we do.

Manta rays in Maldives
Manta ray diving in a diving safari at Submaldives.

Judith de la Rosa is the clear example of someone that has made her dreams come alive.  In the next two posts we would like to share her story with all of you. People like Judith that feel this strong passion for scuba diving and have the courage to create her desires and fulfill her dreams. Let’s get deeper in Judith’s story. 

She left a confortable life to follow the dictates of her heart. She steeled herself to travel to the middle of the Indian Ocean. Her courage was enough to move to The Maldives, and she went from being surrounded by buildings and cars to live between sharks and mantas rays.

“I was living an orderly life being the owner of a fashion boutique in Sabadell, a small city near Barcelona. My Dad taught me the passion for diving and in 1998 we went on a trip to Red Sea. I just love it there. In fact, I though: “My dream job is to become a dive instructor”. Next year I had the opportunity to dive in Maldives. I went on a liveaboard diving cruise with a German dive instructor. I saw a bunch of sharks and manta rays. It was amazing. I remember that I came out of the water with tears of joy, and I cried during all the way back to Barcelona. I did not want to leave from there.

Judith de la Rosa by Klik
Judith de la Rosa by Klik

Back home, I remember opening the shop and think: “What am I doing here?” The idea of leaving was already in my mind so I spent the remainder of the year thinking about it. Everybody believed I had gone mad, except for my father that he said to me: ”Follow your heart”.



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