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A diving safari in Maldives can change your life (Part II)

 “It is impossible to excel at something you don’t enjoy.”

Back home, I remember opening the shop and think: “What am I doing here?” The idea of leaving was already in my mind so I spent the remainder of the year thinking about it. Everybody believed I had gone mad, except for my father that he said to me: ”Follow your heart”.

It was exactly what I did. I closed the fashion boutique, broke up with my boyfriend and bought a one-way ticket to Maldives. For my way of being I believe it is better to regret things you’ve done in your life, than to regret things you didn’t do.

Judith de la Rosa
Judith de la Rosa

I wrote a letter to the German dive master begging him for an opportunity. I have to admit that at that time my English skills were terrible and I didn’t have much of a clue what a diving safari was all about.  However, I promised him that I would learn. He answered me that he couldn’t pay me, but he invited me to stay with him for a month. I stayed three month.

You have to be brave. At the beginning it wasn’t’ easy at all. In fact it was hard. I had many fears and I felt insecure. I couldn’t express myself nor understand his orders. However, all my fears disappeared once I jumped into the water.

Unfortunately, during this period of my life, my father died sailing on a journey between Menorca and Mallorca. At that point, I took the PADI diving instructor course and the German called me. I went back again to Maldives, earning a pittance.

Fortunately, a tour guide knew about me and offered me a new opportunity. The job was to be six months working in Maldives and five more in Red Sea. After three years doing that I decided to found Submaldives with 4 more partners and here I am right now. Living and working on my own project, beinfg lucky to feel passion for what I do.

“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”



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