Special night diving

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Given the great success of this special cruise  in the past, we again offer you a week to the delight of tireless divers, with a greater number of dives (between 20 and 22) in our boat Southern Cross.

We will make the most spectacular night dives of Maldives and some of the best in the world: mantas doing loops over your head, sharks white-tipped hunting, tens of nurse sharks and some of the signs of life that both macro like photographers.

Passport with a validity superior to six months after the dates of stay in the country and a ticket to exit of the country earlier than 30 days.

On board our ships, you can pay in EUR or the equivalent in US dollars.

We recommend bringing cash for payment of government rates, crew gratuities, drinks bar aboard, buying gifts and other possible expenses that you want to make in the country.

Don’t forget to bring your diving certification.

We strongly recommend that all passengers hire insurance, accident, baggage and cancellation or interruption of the trip when making your reservation.

Boats are equipped with a first aid kit on board including oxygen. You can bring motion sickness medication if necessary.

Bring sunscreen, repellent of mosquitoes (when we landed to an island) and basic medicines for frequent use in the personal baggage cabinet of each passenger.

We recommend comfortable summer clothes, with a garment covering the shoulders and neckline for women for the day that we visit the local island and/or Male city, because it is a Muslim country.

Certified and diving insurance.

Comfortable clothes, sunglasses, cap…

Personal first aid kit: included protective sunscreen.

Personal toiletries: on the boat you have 2 towels, one for the bath and one for the swimming pool.

Electricity: European, 230V, type 3-pin UK plug. On the boat, we have european adapters and banks of 2 pins with a spacious cargo area. If you need to connect many outlets, we recommend that you bring your own home strip.

There is Wi-Fi access in the boat, but you can buy a data card when you arrive in Maldives.

You can bring a book, tablet or computer for the moments of rest.